Astorplast AS performs perforation, machining and assembly of products in PE plastic. PE plastic is an environmentally friendly plastic product and has a long shelf life. As far as we know,  we are the only ones that perforate plastic pipes in Norway, and have 3 pcs. A CNC cutter, a 3-axis and two 5-axis.

We are located at Mjølstadneset Industrial Area in Herøy municipality, and our primary customer base is in Møre og Romsdal, as well as Sogn og Fjordane. Besides this, we also have many international and national customers who have high demands on accuracy, quality and durability.

Products and services


Astorplast AS supplies valves in PE plastic, and is the only manufacturer of these types of valves in plastic.

PE products

Astorplast AS performs all types of assignments with piping and structures within PE plastic.

Aquaculture equipment

We can supply a wide range of machined / prefabricated equipment in PE plastic for the aquaculture industry

Wave absorber

Is your marina exposed to waves? Then our wave damper can be the solution.

Floating pier of PE-pipes

Our popular floating pier with floating elements of PE pipes can now also be supplied with PE plastic cover in the form of grids.


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