Modern machinery equipment and extensive experience enables us to produce quality products from polyethylene and stainless steel.

5 axis CNC

Allows us to machine products in PE plastic according to 3D drawings.

3 axis CNC with spindle and drill box

Astorplast has invested in a 3 axis CNC to meet the increasing demand for machined products made from PE plastic. Only your imagination limits what we can produce. We can perforate piping up tp 630 mm and plates up to 100 mm with a 100 % accuracy.

PE products

Astorplast AS can complete any project pertaining to piping and the production of products made from PE plastic. The aquaculture industry and producers of fish fry are large customers  and we have completed projects and supplied machined products for customers all over Europe.

Aquaculture and fishing

We can supply a wide variety of machined and prefabricated equipment made from PE plastics to the aquaculture industry, as well as piping systems and more to fishing boats.

Floating docks

Our popular floating dock with floaters made from PE plastic can now also be delivered with covers made from polyethylene. Virtually maintenance-free and everlasting!

PE wave breaker

If your marina is exposed to large waves, the construction of a breakwater is the traditional solution to the problem. However, in many cases this is not feasible, either because of economical or regulatory realities. A wave breaker from Astorplast solves this problem.