Astorplast AS – Assembly and production of PE plastics

Astorplast AS performs perforating, machining and assembly of products made from PE plastic. Polyethylene is an environmentally friendly plastic with excellent durability. We are the only supplier in Norway capable of perforating plastic piping. We also have 2 CNC milling machines, 3 axis and 5 axis.

We are located in the Mølstadneset industrial area in the Herøy municipality. Our customers are located mainly in Møre og Romsdal and Sogn og Fjordane. We also supply international customers who demand the highest degree of precision, quality and durability.


Astorplast AS has modern facilities and equipment allowing the production of products based on PE plastic and stainless steel. Our machining shop is located in the Mjølstadneset industrial area where we have 3 000 square meters at our disposal.

About us

Astorplast AS is an innovative company specializing in machining, welding, piping and assembly of PE plastics. Astorplas AS is composed of 15 dedicated employees where most are certified for welding PE plastics through Nemko Certification.


Astorplast AS has extensive experience assembling RSW systems on boats and onshore, including piping for energy systems for the aquaculture industry. Additionaly, we can deliver a wide assortment of machined components.

Maintenance-free floating dock

11 x 2,55 meters, ready for delivery – for NOK 60 000. The floating dock can be built to your specifications and can be delivered fully assembled. C-beam, outriggers, bollard and more included.