Wave absorber in environmentally friendly PE plastic

If your marina is exposed to waves, building a pier is the traditional solution to the problem. In many cases, this is not possible for both economic and regulatory reasons. In that case, a wave damper from Astorplast can be the perfect solution.

Our maintenance-free wave damper in PE plastic which was tested in 2005 at Sintef in Trondheim, where it performed very well. Waves below 3 seconds (typical waves from wind and boat) are reduced by a minimum of 50% with our wave damper. Experience from laid-out wave dampers in full-scale at moderately exposed sites shows the same or better effect. More information from the test can be found below.





In 2019, we produced a 70m and a 80m, wave absorber to Loppa municipality. Pictures are taken by Sandsøy servicebåt A/S , they transported the wave absorber from Fosnavåg to Loppa.



Wave absorber 10m, W: 2m D: 2m 

Specifications of our wave absorber

  • Width top: 2-3 meters
  • Depth: 2-3 meters
  • Floating element: PE pipe Ø 500 mm
  • Length: As desired

The Sintef test of Astorplast AS's wave absorber

During the period 19 and 20 May 2005, a test was carried out at Sintef / Marintek's wave laboratory. Below you will find the results of the test.