Astorplast AS supplies valves in PE plastic, and is the only manufacturer of these types of valves in plastic.

Self-developed 3-way valve for water and fish transport

Astorplast has developed its own 3-way valve primarily intended for fish transport. Valve housing and spindle are milled of solid PUR plastic, giving the valve superior strength in the spindle and not least a valve without leakage. The valve is supplied with L run.


3 way valve

3 way valve cast in PUR.

The only valve of this type molded in plastic.

The valve is divisible for easy service.

Dimension ND 300-350 and 400.

Arranged for all types of actuator and can be supplied with manual gear on request.


Gate valve
Our slider valve is the only one of this type in the market that is molded in plastic.

Damper Rev.C DN500

Download brochure (pdf)



Download brochure (pdf)