Water Benefits

Astorplast AS has extensive experience in the installation of RSW systems on boats and onshore facilities, as well as pipelines for energy plants within farming. We can also supply a wide range of machined components as end caps - water distributors for evaporators / condensers in all dimensions.

Pressure filters in most dimensions with silk baskets in optional stainless / PE plastic design. Also with backflush if needed.

Together with our subcontractors, we can offer valves with and without actuators at competitive prices.

In the picture below you can see pipes to RSW facilities for MS Kings Cross delivered by Astorplast AS


Well boats

The well boat industry has gradually evolved into a significant customer-base for us, and we carry out rebuilding of pipe installations in PE plastic in close cooperation with shipping companies and shipyards.


We perforate fast and efficient pipes and plates, round and rectangular holes. Applications include RSW, filters, power sets, screed plates, etc.

Contact us for a request for machining of PE material.