• We have delivered complete piping to Ulstein Fjord heating
  • We have delivered pipelines to Grieg Seafood at Kunes in Finnmark 
  • We have delivered pipes to RSW facilities for MS Smaragd 
  •  We have delivered pipes to RSW facilities for MS Kings Cross
  •  We have delivered 
  • Astorplast works closely with Arctic Seaworks
  • Astorplast works closely with Marine Harvest Herøy
  • Astorplast supplies PE filters to Frionordica
  • We have a good cooperation with Havyard MMC
  • We have delivered a wave absorber to Loppa Municipality
  • We have delivered a floating dock to Lørenskog municipality

MS Eros and MS Kings Bay

We have supplied pipework to RSW, "cigars" and desalination plates in rooms. All in PEHD plastic. Pipes and plates were perforated in our production facilities in Fosnavåg.

«New» Artus M-79-HØ

Astorplast has been commissioned with the installation of all pipe systems on RSW, Vacuum and unloading lines. In addition, we have supplied perforated sheets for deck and sailing in cargo spaces, suction fittings in rooms and receiving bins. All in PE plastic. All PE sheets are perforated at our production workshop.

Trawler Herøyfjord- Overlevert from Voldnes 

Astorplast AS has delivered RSW facilities and Sanitary facilities. 315 mm pipe connector fully assembled with Lyng actuator valves

RSW plant in PE plastic

In recent years, Astorplast AS has been an important partner to the shipyards here in the business of delivery and installation of RSW facilities.

Other boats Astorplast AS has supplied pipelines

  • Trønderkari - Voldnes Shipyard 
  • Pachelli - Larsnes Mek 
  • J.Brockmann - Voldnes Shipyard 
  • Charm - Solstrand 
  • Rail system - Larsnes Mek 
  • Bjarne Nilsen - Solstrand 
  • Altaire - Solstrand 
  • Slettholmen - Larsnes Mek 
  • Pisces - Larsnes Mek 
  • Vonar - Larsnes Mek 

Crop fry for codfry

Holstad Marine AS runs cod farming from fry to food fish. In 2007, we had the honor of being able to supply complete coarse juvenile infestation at Hareid. There were installed 4 new 15 m vessels and 2 new 8 m vessels, as well as new pipes for existing 5 and 6 m vessels. Large pipe dimensions and new, exciting solutions gave us great challenges. We wish the company happiness further.

The wave absorber

In 2006, we produced a 60m wave absorber for Jensholmen Båtlag. It was posted on Jensholmen in October. The feedback we received after a severe weather period is that it works very well. 

In 2018, we produced a 200m wave absorber for Jensholmen, Lanternen Nord.

In 2019, we produced a 70m and a 80m wave absorber to Loppa municipality.

Trones boatowner association in Verdal ordered a 100m wave absorber.

In 2019, we produced a 20m wave absorber to Vadsø harbour.


«Jensholmen Båtlag has purchased the wave protection at Astorplast. This looks so promising. The wave protection has been testing in the sea from various directions last winter, and the messages are good. The result will be waiting host even better when the note grows with seaweed and kelp.

Brewing flow fairly easily, but this will also be improved when the woodwork on the top host finishes. It will then be of use to guest bridges, with party islands, water and stream. There are also good forecasts for long life, as we release problem with corrosion. The jetty is 3m * 60m. »Harald Hoddevik - Jensholmen Båtlag