Astorplast AS has modern machinery and equipment for producing products within PE plastic and stainless steel. Our workshop is located at Mjølstadneset Industriområde and we have 3000 square meters of courtyard space.

5 axes milling

This enables us to machine product in PE plastic after 3D drawing.


The 3 axis CNC is milled with spindle and drill bit

Astorplast has invested in the 3 axis CNC mill to meet an increasing demand for machined products in PE plastic. Here is just the imagination that sets limits to what we can create. We can, for example, perforate pipes up to 630 mm and plates up to 100 mm with 100% accuracy.

PE Products - Astorplast AS

Astorplast AS performs all types of assignments with piping and structures within PE plastic. Aquaculture and juvenile production of salmon and cod are major customers of us, and we have had projects and sub-production for plants all over Europe.

Equipment for the industry

We can supply a wide range of machined / prefabricated equipment in PE plastic for the fish farming industry, as well as piping systems and more for boats in the fish industry.

Floating pier of PE pipes - Astorplast AS

Our popular floating pier with floating elements of PE pipes can now also be supplied with PE plastic cover in the form of grids. This provides a floating dock that is "perpetual" and maintenance free!

Wave damper in environmentally friendly PE plastic

If your marina is exposed to waves, building the pier is the traditional solution to the problem. In many cases, this is not possible for both economic and regulatory reasons. Then a wave damper from Astorplast can be the solution.