Equipment for the aquaculture industry

We can supply a wide range of machined / prefabricated equipment in PE plastic for the aquaculture industry such as

  • Collect Sticks
  • Drain boxes / monks
  • Inflow
  • Suspension system for lip fish shed
  • Hold tags for lipfish and the like


Breeding and hatchery plant

The set fish industry is in an exciting time with the planned increase in smolt capacity in most regions. Many look at new recycling technologies as an alternative to compensate for limited water resources. The aquaculture industry will therefore be a focus area for us, both as a supplier and installer of water distribution systems, but also as a manufacturer of machined parts and solutions in PE plastic.

In collaboration with our subcontractors and partners, we can offer complete solutions with pumps, filters, aerators, heat exchangers and heat pumps. We have the expertise and the machine park to solve most of the challenges. We have had several major assignments on the hatchery side for both freshwater and seawater.



Equipment for the fishing industry

Astorplast AS has had many jobs on boats in the fishing industry. We perform jobs within:

  • Production of pipe installations
  • Installation of pipe installation
  • Production and assembly of perforated sheets for flooring and siding in cargo spaces, suction fittings in rooms and receiving bins.
  • Mounting of Lyng actuator valves