• Complete delivery of piping systems for Ulstein Fjordvarme (2015)
  • Complete delivery of piping systems for Grieg Seafood, Kunes in Finnmark (2015)
  • Delivery of piping for RSW system for MS Smaragd (2015)
  • We have a close partnership with Arctic Seaworks
  • We have a close partnership with Marine Harvest Herøy
  • We deliver PE-filters to Frionordica
  • We have an excellent partnership with Havyard MMC
  • We have delivered wave breakers to the municipality of Loppa
  • We have delivered a floating dock to the municipality of Lørenskog

MS Eros and MS Kings Bay

We have delivered piping system for RSW, “cigars” and strainer plates. Everything in PEHD plastic. Pipes and plates were perforated in our machine shop in Fosnavåg.

Artus M-79-HØ

We have assembled piping systems for RSW, Vacuum and unloading cables. Additionaly, we have delivered perforated plates for flooring, suction funnel in hold and receiving bin. Everything in PE plastic.

The trawler Herøyfjord- handed off from Voldnes 03.04.03

We have delivered the RSW and sanitation system. Manifold with 315 mm piping assembled with Lyng actuator valves.

RSW system in PE plastic

Astorplast AS has been an important partner for local shipyards in delivering and assembling RSW systems.

Boats using Astorplast piping systems

  • Trønderkari – Voldnes Shipyard – 2002
  • Pachelli – Larsnes Mek -2003
  • J.Brockmann – Voldnes Shipyard – 2001
  • Sjarmør – Solstrand – 2004
  • Stålegg – Larsnes Mek  – 2005
  • Bjarne Nilsen – Solstrand – 2006
  • Altaire – Solstrand – 2003
  • Slettholmen – Larsnes Mek  – 2008
  • Fiskenes – Larsnes Mek – 2002
  • Vonar – Larsnes Mek – 2004

Hatchery for cod – fry

Holstad Marine AS supplies fry and fully grown cod. In 2007 we had the pleasure of delivering a complete construction for cod fry on Hareid. We installed 4 new 15 m bins and 2 new 8 m bins, including piping to existing 5 and 6 m bins. Large dimensions and new and innovative solutions proved a fun challenge. We wish Holstad Marine AS the best of luck in the future.

Wave breaker

In 2006 we produced a wave breaker with a length of 60 m for Jensholmen Båtlag. It was deployed to Jensholmen in October. The feedback after a particularly bad storm was that it performed flawlessly.

“Jensholmen Båtlag has bought a wave breaker from Astorplast. So far, it is looking very good. The wave breaker has been tested in various conditions during the last winter and the feedback has been good. We expect the performance to further improve as kelp and seaweed starts growing on the nets. The dock floats relatively high on the water, but this will likely improve as we finish laying the wooden flooring. It will be used as a dock for visiting boats with tethers, water and electricity. We expect it to last for a long while, as there is no risk of corrosion. The dock is 3 by 60 meters.”

Harald Hoddevik – Jensholmen Båtlag