Aquaculture equipment

We can supply a wide assortment of machined and prefabricated equipment in PE plastic to the aquaculture industry.

    • Manifolds
    • Level control
    • Inlet pipes
    • Suspension systems for wrasses
    • Holding cages for wrasses and the like

Fish fry and hatcheries

It is an exciting time for suppliers of fish fry as most regions are planning to expand their smolt capacity. Many businesses are considering recycling technologies because of limited water supplies. In response to this we are targeting this area of business, both as a supplier of water distribution systems and as a producer of machined parts and polyethylene solutions.

Working together with our distributors and partners we can offer complete solutions with pumps, filters, aerators, heat exchangers and heat pumps. We have the equipment and know-how to solve the most complex challenges.

Fishing boats

We have completed many projects aboard fishing boats:

  • Production and assembly of piping systems
  • Production and assembly of perforated plates for sheeting and straining in cargo areas, suction funnels and receiving bins
  • Assembly of Lyng actuating valve