PE products

Astorplast AS can complete any project pertaining to piping and the production of products made from PE plastic. The aquaculture industry and producers of fish fry are large customers  and we have completed projects and supplied machined products for customers all over Europe. We have also assembled a great deal of fish cages.

The aquaculture industry is an important customer for Astorplast AS. We have been responsible for the piping systems in fish landings and boats all over Norway. We have also supplied municipalities and energy companies with undersea piping.

Stainless steel piping and constructions

Astorplast AS is a dependable partner for all your stainless steel needs. Our extensive experience ensures a deep knowledge of piping and constructions. As a supplier to leading companies within the industries of fishing, aquaculture and shipping, we can supply stainless steel products worldwide.

We produce:

  • Tanks
  • Band filters
  • Reconstruction and maintenance of conveyor belts
  • Level switches (low pressure)
  • Piping

Proprietary 3-way valve for water and fish transport

Astorplast has developed a 3-way valve specially made for fish transports. The valve housing and spindle is machined from massive POM plastic, which gives the valve exceptional stem strength and ensures no leakage. The valve can be delivered with either a T or L construction.

Download product sheet (pdf)

PE filter

Tough and long-lasting PE filter. Polyethylene has unique properties suited for use in challenging environments, surpassing many other types of materials. The filter is normally supplied with a polyethylene strainer which can be exchanged for a stainless steel one for even finer filtration.

3-way PE valve

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