Plastics machining – About Astorplast AS

Astorplast AS is an innovative company operating within the fields of machining, welding, piping and assembly of PE plastics. Astorplas AS is composed of 15 dedicated employees where most are certified for welding PE plastics through Nemko Certification. We often have hired consultants within plumbing  and assembly, bringing the employee total to around 20 workers at any given time.

The process of machining plastics consists of shaping, molding and treating polyethylene plastic to comply with specifications.

We are located in the Herøy municipality in Møre og Romsdal. Herøy has close ties to the shipping and fishing industry, which naturally makes the majority of our customers businesses operating within the fields of offshore, fishing and aquaculture. We also supply the municipal government and private actors with solutions for water and waste treatment.

Our employees are our greatest resource and have enabled us to continually better ourselves and take on larger projects. We have completed projects all over the world, from Mauritania in Africa to Finnmark in Norway. Our main area of operations, despite our international focus, is Møre og Romsdal and Sogn og Fjordane.

Our machine shop is located in the Mjølstadneset industrial area, close to the seafront. This enables us to quickly and efficiently launch large constructions and ocean piping. Our workshop covers a total area of 3 000 square meters.

Plastics machining

Astorplast AS utilizes modern machinery equipment with the aim of solving any task concerning the machining of plastics.

To name a few:

  • Bending machines and T-pipes
  • Branch piping
  • Jig for T-pipes
  • Core drilling of holes up to 450 mm
  • 3 axis CNC with spindle and drill box
  • 5 axis CNC

We also produce drawings for prefabrication using Autodesk Inventor.

Astorplast AS’ Norwegian business registry ID is 987 247 568.